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Cayman Islands Nutritional Counseling

We at Mobile Fitness Solution believe in giving you all the tools to enable you to get your fitness goals in the fastest and most effective manner. That's why in addition to private personal training we offer nutritional counseling. Having a healthy diet is essential to getting to your goals. Mobile Fitness Solutions will help take the guess work out of all information surrounding a healthy diet. No fad or starvation diets, just real food for real people. We will assess your eating habits with each visit. We will make recommendations based on healthy eating guidelines. We can provide sample menus and recipes filled with lots of delicious, satisfying meals. Most meals can be prepared in 30 minutes or less. You will also receive tips on how to make smart food choices when eating out, how to read nutrition labels, debunk the myths about "low carb" diets, how to eat to maintain optimal energy and much, much more.

Initial consultation FREE!

$65.00 per session (each session is 1 hour, with a minimum of 4 sessions, booked 1 month in advance)


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